The Uglist Street in Town

Every town has an uglist street, but that street can be imporved.

Richard, the Paperboy

The Ugliest Street in Town
Well, just go to your local McDonalds, and you’ll usually be there. No, it’s not McDonalds that makes the street ugly, it’s what’s there along the street and what is not there. Yeah, I know that doesn’t make much sense, but stay with me, and I’ll tell you why it’s ugly and why it makes big difference to a town.
Since I mentioned McDonalds; let’s start there. We were in a distant state, and decided to stop at McDonalds for our morning cup of coffee. We were downtown, but the main gateway street into town was just a few blocks away, and in a few minutes we were there and sure enough there was good old McDonalds, the familiar sign, and the Golden Arches. However, instead of a giant sign on a massive pole, there was—believe it or not—a three-foot-tall sign!…

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