Review: The Woman In Black, now playing at the haunted Rialto Theater.

Review: The Woman In Black, now playing at the haunted Rialto Theater..

via Review: The Woman In Black, now playing at the haunted Rialto Theater..


Review: The Woman In Black, now playing at the haunted Rialto Theater.

Halloween night! A full moon! A haunted theater! A ghost story! Put them all together, and you have a recipe for a night of suspense and horror. It all comes together tonight at the haunted Rialto Theater.


The Lady in Black, now playing at the Rialto Theater, is a wonderful ghost story staring El Dorado’s own William Ragsdale as the Actor and Nathan Riley as Kipps. The story is a gripping and  suspenseful tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The acting is nothing short of Broadway professional. You will marvel at how William Ragsdale can—by just a quick change of a coat—can become a completely different person. His acting as he goes through 7 different parts will have you shaking your head in wonder. Not to say Nathan Riley doesn’t hold up his end of the play. He measures up wonderfully as Kipps, and as the actual Woman in Black becomes more and more a dominate part of the play his portraying of the increasing paranoid Kipps is a great piece of acting. The old theater setting makes a perfect backdrop for the play. The sound and lighting is superb and really makes the play come alive. I think you will marvel at the acoustics in the theater.I give the play a full five stars. Don’t miss it especially tonight.

And as you watch the play, remember the Rialto is truly a haunted theater. Dozens of paranormal experiences have been reported, and I can personally recount the strange footsteps I heard on the catwalk above the stage, I have smelled the perfume and cigar smoke, and I have seen the flitting white mist that sometimes floats across the top of the theater. And I have a prediction: in some way one of the spirits that haunt the Rialto will make themselves known—tonight, so be alert to strange smells, sounds, and shadows in the old theater—and I have a question about the play for the cast and director. The first time the woman in black appears on stage, were their one or two women? On the right side of the stage I swear I saw a second woman.

Don’t miss The Woman in Black, especially this Halloween night.


Black Razorback Uniforms!—they suck!

For God’s sake have they gone nuts up in Fayetteville? Where are the red and white team jerseys? Yeah, I know the color is anthracite—but I’m not stupid—I know anthracite is coal and folks coal is black! Did we get another payoff to change colors like we did to switch from Coke? Something has got to give up in the hills, and it needs to be Jeff Long—so adios Jeff—go find another football team to screw up.

But I’m just guessing now, but it seems we may be getting some help calling plays. Every since Paul Petrino started calling plays from the press box, the offense has taken off. Could old Paul be talking to Bobby and getting a few tips during the game, or is Bobby actually calling the plays. One call sure looked like a Bobby call. Hogs on the Wildcat four yard line with a first down—old J. L. would have surely called four runs into the center of the line—but no! A fake into the line and a quick pass and presto 6 points—a true Petrino call—Bobby that is.