Welcome Readers, to  the  Storyteller’s Newsletter.

There has been a lot of activity since the last newsletter; here’s just a bit of what’s been going on.

All of the Richard, the Paperboy novels—-a seven volume series, have been published in eBook and paperback. They are available on internet book sites or from your local bookstore.

By far the most popular of the most recent books is The Yankee Doctor. It received over 2200 eBook downloads prior to being published as a paperback. The reviews on Amazon have almost all been five stars, and almost all of the readers, who have read others in the series, say it is by far the funniest of the group. I do concede the overall plot in The Yankee Doctor is full of some hilarious scenes,  but I still think two other chapters—-one in Lyin’ Like a Dog, and the other in “I  Will Drink Your Blood “ may top the Yankee Doctor. In Lyin’, the ‘near’ baptism of the bully Homer Ray is my favorite, followed by “The Jesus Coon” in I Will Drink Your Blood—-a coon that walks on water? Yes, when old Chig­ger see that coon and heads for First Baptist Church—-well things get a little out of hand.

The 7th book in the Richard Series was published only last month. It’s  The River Rat and a Cata­houla Hog Dog. The cover initially had a different twist when the graphic artist inserted ‘hot’ instead of ’hog’. I guess city dweller haven’t heard of  Catahoula Hog Dogs . The story is based on the World Hog Baying Contest that is held in Winnsboro, Louisiana. In this novel I introduced two new charac­ters, Catfish, an old river rat , who lives in a shack down on the Ouachita River, and Rabbit, a new friend of Richard’s. Of course, Catfish owns the absolutely worlds best hog dog—-according to Cat­fish—-and  Richard and Rabbit and bound and determined to take her to Winnsboro and win the $1000 first prize. However, trying to contend with Catfish sniffing snuff and drinking Squirrel Whisky, it turn out to be a lot harder than they ever imagined. Of course, having to guide old Catfish to Winnsboro with him drinking and sniffing would be hard enough, but that’s only part of their problems. Mr. H. C. Ledbetter, the owner of a stable of Catahoula Hog Dogs is out to win the contest by hook or crook. It’s a great story full of colorful characters and resourceful boys.

The latest Richard novel is on my word processor right now—-and would you believe a vicious dog with green fur and six legs—-yeah, and some really bad characters come with that weird dog. 

Until next time: Richard


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