What’s the funniest ‘Richard, the Paperboy’ story in the seven book series?

That’s a question I’m frequently asked, and most of my readers will quickly answer it for me by saying; “Oh, it’s “The Blood” chapter in Lyin’ Like a Dog. Well, that chapter sure ranks near the top of my list. It’s about the ‘near’ baptism of the bully, Homer Ray.

However, as the author, I have another favorite that just might knock out ‘The Blood’ as number one. It’s from The Vampire Werewolf of Flat Creek Swamp. That book is the true story of how Richard and John Clayton saved Union County from a pack of Vampire Werewolves led by a 3000 year old man. Yeah, I’ll bet you are just like some of them Norphlet folks who didn’t believe us. But it’s the truth, even though Amazon wouldn’t let it be carried as non-fiction. Anyway, the story of ‘Chigger and the Jesus Coon’ is right up there with ‘The Blood’. Yep, it’s about a coon that walks on water, and old Chigger saw it. And…well, there was a revival going on….and you might just guess things got out of hand down at First Baptist Church of Norphlet.

The Richard, the Paperboy 7 book series, published by BWM Books is now available as eBooks and paperbacks at Jefferson Street Book, in El Dorado or they can be ordered by any bookstore or bought online from Amazon. com.


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