Well, I have seen Chicago on Broadway twice, the movie, and now SAAC production of Chicago.

Over the years I have attended countless productions from SAAC, and overall they have been entertaining and well done. However, Chicago reaches new heights. In my opinion, it is the best production ever put on by SAAC. What is even more amazing is there is not one weak character in the production. Folks, South Arkansas has talent, and that talent is displayed in exceptional form in Chicago. Is it a bit racy? Duh, well yes. After all showgirls in long dresses would leave something to be desired. Overall, the leads and yes, the choreography is amazing. The long hours to practice and practice and practice has paid off in spades. I am proud that not only do we have honest to God real talent here in South Arkansas, but we have dedicated folks who are willing to give hundreds of hours of their time in order to put on an outstanding production.

If you have seen the Broadway production or the movie Chicago, I promise you won’t be disappointed in SAAC’s production. The quality of the musical numbers and the vocals of the leads makes you want to blink and think you are watching the Broadway production. Yes, it is that good!

Of course, you can’t do a great musical without a some talented musicians. Don’t worry about the music, the band is outstanding.

I am going to give it five stars out of five. If you miss Chicago, be prepared to have all your friends tell you what a great production you missed.

I said I wasn’t going to single out anyone from such a great cast, but while I won’t mention this Norphlet Grad’s name, I will say this person could walk on Broadway tomorrow. I’ll be interested to see if you agree.


2 thoughts on “Review—Chicago

  1. If your talking about Caleb Carrier – I agree. He is a young man who is wiling to do any job in the theater. He loves it so much and hopes if God is willing to be on broadway some day.

  2. Keith Owens says:

    No disrespect to Caleb, but I’m pretty sure he is talking about Jordan Burns.

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