Follow up on the Smackover Brown Dense well

Just just in; new reports have the Southwestern BLM well flowing 350 barrels of oil a day along with nearly 2 million cubic feet of natural gas. The natural gas would give the well an equivalent of around 550 barrels of oil per day.

Not as good as we had hopped for, but not that bad either. It will take another half dozen wells to tell if the Brown Dense will be a real boost to North Louisiana and South Arkansas. I’m still betting the new wells will prove up millions of barrels of recoverable oil and make El Dorado’s old name “Cadillac City” relevant again.


Other news: Did you know you can get married only seven times in Arkansas? And in related news my next blog will tell us how to bring the Miss Arkansas Pageant to El Dorado. 


Update!! Smackover Brown Dense

Yes, this update is mostly rumors, but I think they are worth repeating. Here’s part of a press release from Southwestern Energy:

“The company’s third well, the BML #31-22 #1-1H located in Union Parish, Louisiana, as of May 3rd, was drilling to a planned horizontal lateral length of approximately 4,000 feet, after sidetracking the first lateral in March due to stuck pipe. This well is scheduled to be completed in May with 30 fracture stimulation stages. The company plans to allocate more capital to the Brown Dense play in 2012 for the acquisition of additional leasehold and potentially adding another rig in the area in the third quarter. If the company’s drilling program continues to yield positive results, it expects that activity in the play could increase significantly over the next several years.

My rumors concern this well. The BML #31-22 # 1-1 encountered high pressure in the Brown Dense, kicking 15.5 # mud. Subsequently they stuck the drill-pipe, plugged back, and redrilled the lateral to around 4000′. According to my sources they multi-fraced the well every 300 in the lateral hole. They have been flowing the well back with no official results being announced. However, observers who have been within a few hundred yards of the well report the well is roaring, indicating an undisclosed volume of  oil, gas, and frac water is flowing back under high pressure. It sounds as if they may have stumbled upon something extra by having high pressure in the Brown Dense. In most areas the pressures are normal.

In other Brown Dense news: reports are coming in that a second rig has moved into the north Louisiana area to drill Brown Dense wells.  Other reports indicate 9 permits have either been granted or have been applied for. All indication are that the Louisiana Brown Dense exploration will expand in Louisiana and if successful move across the state line into South Arkansas. Some of the Louisiana permits are very close to the state line.

Keep your fingers crossed. By late fall we should have a good indication of the quality of Brown Dense production.



Well, I have seen Chicago on Broadway twice, the movie, and now SAAC production of Chicago.

Over the years I have attended countless productions from SAAC, and overall they have been entertaining and well done. However, Chicago reaches new heights. In my opinion, it is the best production ever put on by SAAC. What is even more amazing is there is not one weak character in the production. Folks, South Arkansas has talent, and that talent is displayed in exceptional form in Chicago. Is it a bit racy? Duh, well yes. After all showgirls in long dresses would leave something to be desired. Overall, the leads and yes, the choreography is amazing. The long hours to practice and practice and practice has paid off in spades. I am proud that not only do we have honest to God real talent here in South Arkansas, but we have dedicated folks who are willing to give hundreds of hours of their time in order to put on an outstanding production.

If you have seen the Broadway production or the movie Chicago, I promise you won’t be disappointed in SAAC’s production. The quality of the musical numbers and the vocals of the leads makes you want to blink and think you are watching the Broadway production. Yes, it is that good!

Of course, you can’t do a great musical without a some talented musicians. Don’t worry about the music, the band is outstanding.

I am going to give it five stars out of five. If you miss Chicago, be prepared to have all your friends tell you what a great production you missed.

I said I wasn’t going to single out anyone from such a great cast, but while I won’t mention this Norphlet Grad’s name, I will say this person could walk on Broadway tomorrow. I’ll be interested to see if you agree.

Attention, Norphlet grads!

The Richard, the Norphlet Paperboy Series now totals 7 novels. All of them are available on as eBooks, and within the next few weeks a paperback edition will be published by BWM Books. I am currently working on the 8th of the series, The Stranger.
My pick of the liter is The Yankee Doctor, which has received all 5 star reviews.
You don’t have to be from Norphlet to enjoy the novels—but it helps.

“I’m Sorry, But Your Child Is Retarded”

How much is it worth to you for your child to not be retarded? Well, the value is obviously any amount you or I could possibly muster. But what if a city board, by their actions, puts your child and thousands more at risk by trying to save money? And let’s take this one step farther; what if that same city board—by their actions—essentially destroys a river? Sounds far-fetched doesn’t it? Yes, for a city board to take actions that are detrimental to the unborn and to willingly destroy a river is hard to believe, but it is exactly what the El Dorado City Water Board is proposing. 

The waste-water pipeline to the river will do just that. The lower Ouachita is already under a ‘don’t eat certain fish if you are pregnant’ rule from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission because of Mercury in bass, catfish, and other fish. The waste-water pipeline will add 1200 pound of pure Mercury to the river each year. Mercury that won’t dissolve and will continue to build up in the fish. Project that out over 10 years along with the Mercury from the new coal-fired plant near Hope, and it is a certainty the Mercury levels in fish will rise. Scientific studies have confirmed even small amounts of Mercury ingested by pregnant women will cause degrees of mental retardation in their child. Our Water Board, to save money, is working put the unborn at risk and by their actions increase the chances of mental retardation in hundreds of children.

But that is not all that will happen if the maximum allowed flow of the pipeline occurs. The 500,000 gallons of nutrients per year contained in the water will cause moss and water plants to grow at an alarming rate and cover any open water. In ten years the river will be essentially dead.

Let the City Council know how you feel about the waste water pipeline. It is not to late to stop an unmitigated disaster from occurring.