Ladies, start your engines

You know I can’t help but hammer the El Dorado Economic Development Board, or the Gang of Five, as I call them. What I am writing about today  is old news.  I guess you know the Gang of Five came straight from the Chamber of Commerce—hand picked—even the Chairman was selected. Of course, these are decent guys, and you probable wouldn’t have a problem in taking any one of them out to dinner. So what am I whining about?

(1) No women on the board: actually I tried to change the makeup before the board was approved by the City Council to add two women, but the good old boys out-maneuvered me.

(2) This is a city tax and it is city money, and all the board members do not live in the city limits of El Dorado.

(3) All of the city wards aren’t represented.

(4) The selection of the board was not an open forum where other men or women in the community could be considered.

And here is the biggie: The board has rotating terms and as a board member’s term expires they re-nominate themselves. 

After three years and 5 re-nominations we still don’t have a woman on the board. Just recently one of the board’s term expired, and I nominated four women to be considered. The good old boys dumped the ladies and renominated  the board member to another three year term.

Ladies, your grandmothers’ marched in the streets to demand the right to vote. I think it is time to march down to city hall and attend a council meeting or an EEDB meeting and raise a little hell. I think it is a disgrace for an all male board to decide how to spend 35 million dollars without the input of over 50% of the city’s population.

Ladies, it is time to start your engines!


One thought on “Ladies, start your engines

  1. Larry Combs says:

    OMG Richard, the first reappointment of a member took place in May I think. I begged the mayor and council members to appoint a female, I even submitted a well qualified and willing name as you did. The mayor chose to shirk his duty and allow the complacent council to make the choice! Lost all respect for the mayor and some active council member.

    The idea of a petition drive to repeal the remaining tax looks tempting. Will only take less than 300 signatures. That is 30 Tea Party members or sympathizers with petitions to get 10 signatures each!

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