El Dorado’s secret Conference Center

What? Yep, we have really got a big secret here in El Dorado; a 17 million edifice that we must be trying to hide. Yes, as strange as that may sound, it is true. Recently, I had a person from out of town ask me where the Conference Center was located. Of course, I pointed to the mega building over on South West Avenue.

 ”Oh,” he said, “I though that was part of the College. I didn’t see any sign saying it was the Conference Center.”

Well, yes, there is signage. I know that for a fact. So I drove by and checked out why a person would miss the sign. A quick look and the answer was obvious. Some dummy put white letters on a light gray sign. It is just one step from being invisible. You have to be almost right on the sign to read it, and if you are driving by you had better look hard and quick. What on earth were the people who spent the 17 million thinking? Now, I am not a graphic expert, but I can tell you this: black letters should go on a light gray sign—not white. And while you guys are changing out the letters on the sign, how about spend another $250 to cut down the 5 dead trees in front of the Center?

Well, I am tickled about the new sound upgrade for the Center. The current one must have been put in by the McDonald’s drive-through engineers.



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