New downtown hotel

Yes, believe it or not the Gang of Five—the El Dorado Economic Board—is hot get a 100 room downtown hotel built with ?Taxpayers money? We’re not sure how they are going to pay for it, but hold on to your billfolds. They have asked for “Qualifications” a first step in awarding a contract.
Here we go again; ignoring a report by our Destination Consultant, Roger Brooks. We are really good at paying thousands of dollars to experts and then ignoring their recommendations. Do you think that has anything to do with our loss of population and jobs?
Building a new hotel before we create a reason for visiting El Dorado will just draw customers from existing hotels and motels.
But why should we expect anything different from a board who blew nearly $100,000 on billboards that said, “If you have the idea, we have the money.”—or something like that.
Maybe the upcoming oil boom of the Smackover Brown Dense will save us. I sure don’t have any confidence in the Gang of Five—EEDB.
See my blog on the Brown Dense for more about the forthcoming boom.


2 thoughts on “New downtown hotel

  1. Mike says:

    El Dorado a destination…….REALLY???? A destination for what???? Tourists? You’ve got to be kidding! What does El Dorado have to offer over actual tourist destinations? Absolutely nothing! And this joke of paying this external consultant 10s of thousands of taxpayer bucks to come up with a festival cliche/niche for our little town that is slowly dying…..but wait…we’ve got the over-bearing downtown tree-growing/protection committee/gestapo to thank for keeping our prosperous downtown businesses from becoming even more prosperous…..with beauty like we have downtown, I can’t understand why big business isn’t busting down our doors to relocate here…..just remember…..”It’s Showtime!”

  2. Delta says:

    EEDB hired a professional not once but twice to guide them through a process of developing a destination. It would seem that they would pay attention and respond accordingly. Roger Brooks proposed two lodging properties near the Union Square district. He even went as far as to recommend a process akin to a municipal-owned resort in Iowa. So why the move for instant gratification? Who is really calling the shots?

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