For Sale! The U of A!

Yes my old school is and I guess always has been for sale. Of course the latest sale is for the ‘official’ soft drink—out goes Coke and here comes Pepsi to the tune of an estimated 20 mil to the good old U of A. Well, what’s next? I have some ideas:
(1) How about the ‘official’ Bailbondsman for the Hogs Football team?
(2) Or the ‘official’ chewing tobacco for the Baseball team–sounds like a natural for Red Man.
(3) The soft drink is taken, but how about the ‘official’ hard drink? Surely big vodka will drop a few million for the title—remember Purple Passion?
But I’m thinking bigger.
What about renaming Old Main? Yep, for a 100 mil or so it could be renamed Old Sam or maybe Old Frank.
I’m thinking about naming rights for Senior Walk. I can see it now; “Richard’s Senior Walk.”
Of course, I’m sure you have some ideas to help raise a few bucks. After all, as the singer in Cabraret said it’s “Money! Money! Money!


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